New Year message for the beginning of 2021
Well, well, well, it certainly made its entrance.
 As we are at the end of the patriarchal model of the last 2,000 years, epitomised by greed, violence, aggression, hate, killing, elitism, white supremacy, racism, genocide, control over others etc., and as we enter the Age of Aquarius, the feminine principle, we are witnessing the last days of the dying dinosaurs.

The mob - and I include the leaders of government who set up the rabble-rousers to do their dirty work for them - are desperately trying to hold on to their ill-gotten power. Sorry your time is up and past its sell-by date. Done and done. It will get uglier yet though because that is their nature but it will come to pass albeit in its dying throes, kicking and screaming to ‘hell' preferably convicted to the dark place and their asses thrown in the clink. 

The spectacle of global brutality that has existed but been ignored came home to be lain at our feet in 2020, and battered the door down viciously in the opening act of 2021, is showing the futility of trusting in authority (aka the Emperor’s new clothes), of giving your power away and waiting to be rescued. The practice above all practices is to relinquish the immature desire to be taken care of in false belonging and to parent your own originality. 
It’s time to find a new kind of personal power anchored in our own truth. There is safety and a ground of being not in doing what authority or status figures tell you but in the powerful flow of life, soul, spirit, connectedness. But this can only be harnessed when we let our soul speak to us. There are huge sovereignty lessons here in this shift, for us all, the craziness playing out on our screens and now on the streets is bringing the soap opera of it home for us to see but we must see very clearly and apply our wise voice to self awareness and self growth. This will heal the dirty cracks from the ground up and will affect the global community and how we live with and for each other. It is a holy time not in a religious sense maybe a more apt word would be this is a blessed time. 
Be blessed. 

Time Of The Sixth Sun - Uquala Havasupai - Spiritual Emissary and Ceremonialist 

To the children 

Why did I not go over to you and tell you that I am happy that you’re there? 
So I say to you, I bow to you for your spiritual courage to be here at this time. 
Why did I not see you standing there watching in silence, in the back? 
And you were in awe. 
I thank you because you, in that response affirmed that spirit was watching and caring. 
But why did I not walk over to you and show you respect and gratitude for being here? 
Why did I not give you the love that you deserved? 
Why did I not ask you for forgiveness? 
I have been so caught up as to how we can bring positive changes to the world that I forgot about you. 
And in my heart I cry because I walked right by you. 
Why did I not go over to you and tell you that I am happy that you’re there? 
So I say to you, I bow to you for your spiritual courage to be here at this time.

With Love & Light 
Pam ❣️