Welcome to the Spring Equinox 2021 

Welcome to the Spring Equinox, Zero Point Energy and a dynamic Reset in all our lives! We’ve been in lockdown, in isolation, reviewing, revamping, redefining…maybe, maybe not. What we did find was that we could sit with ourselves for 5 minutes without screaming! 😱

With Love & Light
Pam ❣️

We no longer run away
From the haunting void...

We no longer run away
From the haunting void
We are no longer attempting to 
Fill it, Stuff it or Hide it away 
We are falling into the emptiness 
We are finding fullness here 
We are coming home

The Equinox Stargate Mar 20th 2021, expands hidden gifts, talents and abilities.
Much that has been buried in your psyche will come to light during this transcendent time.
The zero point energy is transforming you from the inside-out! We are releasing the past form of being human, so that we can open to the new crystalline DNA human blueprint.
This is the era of ‘No Time’, to relinquish all past history, to clear the way so that the New Earth can birth alive.
Meg Benedicte

“The Aries Equinox and the Full SuperMoon in Libra on the 28th March, as gateway into looking at broader themes for the year:
2021 will be fast-moving with lots of peaks and troughs, so make sure that your spiritual practice becomes your daily anchor. We are experiencing a huge awakening, which brings with it much revelation, disclosure, and the collapse of the old order.
This will all take us to a much better place, but will be lumpy along the way at times on the 3D level. 
I find that just knowing that helps, as it is all about loosening the shackles of the old to free us to move to the New Earth.”
Pam Gregory