Becoming Magic

The Chandra Symbol for Mercury Conjunct Uranus Taurus 11: A woman with flames for hair

Direct, full on, and unstoppable. Pushing for optimal outcomes, you are self-convinced and hard-driving. So passionate about your own desire and impulse that anything off to the side is far out of the picture and all that counts is to have your say, to make an impact. 

Something long-gathering suddenly emerges as rage, self-intent, need, and craving. Personal to the Nth degree. 

Almost solipsistic. "Me" mattering after being counted out. 

You feel the surge of power of someone who recognises that they are bearing a life-force that can no longer be avoided and you follow the brightness wherever it takes you, blindly, insensately, and beautifully.

"Nothing ever is as true

As the love I have for you"

Healing Age of Pisces Energies 

The past decade or so has been exceptionally intense with healing, release, grief, surrender, and confusion as millions of people are unraveling energies from numerous lifetimes, which is connected to the Age of Pisces themes. We are undoing very deep programming in parts of ourselves while simultaneously growing and expanding into the Age of Aquarius energies. 

The focus on healing Age of Pisces themes started strongly in 2003 with moving Uranus into Pisces; then Neptune and Chiron in Pisces in 2010; followed by Jupiter in Pisces in 2021 to 2022; and then Saturn in Pisces from 2023 until 2026. 

It can feel like a lot at times, to take two steps forward and one step back, but this work and time will pay off as we see the bigger picture of it all and why the healing themes are right on time.

Art: Dragana J

"You’re witnessing my moment you see

my big opportunity 

and I won’t waste it"

Much love