Welcome to Spring 2021


Collectively we are in the Spring of much needed great change:

Rebellion. Revolution. Protest and Uprising.
It is to be welcomed. 

There is much to set right.


No less echoing personal transformation at the very core of who we are Being on a deeply individual level. 

Retrospective examination of what got us here is crucial.

We are needed now fully awake. 

To effect that change globally in a very real sense, we must heal our intimate, unique wounding so we can come at this monumental thing with our compassion, kindness, love and humanity intact and lead from the front - right is might. It is time.

    Yes you can…

Discover real and effective processes to reach, lift out, release and re-programme the trauma from the old painful, powerless beliefs and inner fractures, to shift them into whole, healed and empowered ones.

There is fear lurking, hidden and driving us to distraction.

To meet the fear head on will make it and you feel seen

And the compassionate seeing will exorcise the damn hold it has on you

The entire beauty of your perfect Being is already there, deep inside you,

Waiting for you to set it free. 

Always has been. Always is. Always will be.

Are you ready?

If you want my help to dissolve away your abuse-trauma symptoms, restore your confidence and faith in life, become limitless in your approach to possibilities and discover how to magnetise supportive and loving future relationships, with yourself and with others, get in touch in Contact below.

Let’s go digging and reveal your happy place… 

Much Love