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Love Letters for October 2021

Love Letters for May 2021
Love Letters for May 2021
Love Letters for May 2021

Welcome to October 2021

Wild Whispers



Go down. Deep dive. Crash. Nosedive. Headlong. 
I’ve Fallen For You. 
Re-emerge having a firm grasp on the reality and divinity of you. 
That’s what I wish for you as we head into the start of Autumn. 
That you fall for you. 
That you resurface loving yourself more, warts and all, after a pretty intense, dark night of the soul moment, perhaps one like never before. Certainly everything conspires towards a crazy ninja-like breaking down of old secrets, wounds and suppressed traumas so they have to emerge embraced, healed and integrated, whether you like it or not. 
And you don’t have to like it even though if held with compassion, freedom from your old stuff is what’s on offer: A lightness of Being. 
But then again, you just might like it - a lot. 
Put your fears aside. 
“Nail your courage to the sticking post” 
Have faith and breathe. 
You do have this! 
With love 
Pam ❣️

You Inside Your Head



Knowing your darkness means you can sit in the dark with your true self and then extend that courtesy to others. 
Someone’s inability of not being able to love us for who we really are has nothing whatsoever to do with our love-ability. We are already it. 
We already have so much love. Don’t misplace it. Give it to yourself. 
Open yourself to what is already inside you and embrace the love you have for you. 


The Chandra Symbol for Full Moon 20 Pisces: Balinese dancers wearing elaborate gold costumes

“Scintillating performance. Learning by heart all of the ways to perfect the Earth dance. 
Elaborately and ritualistically devising and setting up cycles, projects, programs and trainings to master skills, to develop missing areas to make up for what are felt to be gaps and gaping holes. 

Remedial practice--going back to go forward. Relentlessly pursuing perfection. 
You are granted a sensibility that knows and can recognise anywhere the real thing, the fulfilled prototype. 
Trancing out on discipline and constraint, yet you are ultimately inspired and infused with a wonderful self-witnessing capacity and self-reinventing skill that does work if you stay with it forever and refuse to hear of anything less, no matter how crazy it seems in the moment.”

Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale


Rising Strong

"If someone tells you you can’t they’re showing you their own limits not yours. 
Not connecting to our deep selves matastisizes into grief, shame and trauma of that loss of us because someone did not put value on our worth. 
My invitation to you is to remember that your love-ability and your creativity are your divinity. 
We are inherently loveable, we are inherently holy and we are inherently creative: 
People can’t take that away from us, it is who we are. 
I am bringing all the versions of myself into one integrated whole.” 

Brené Brown



I’m only here to love. I’m only here to serve. 
I got a bit lost along the way. 
I accept the limitless possibilities of any given instant. 
I’m learning to connect to the limitlessness inside of me gifted to me with Grace 
I forgive others and I forgive myself though I know we have done nothing wrong. 
Learning to breathe in and own this vastness of spirit in my human body is what I came here to do. 
I hope to do it well. 
I surrender the past and let love work miracles in me and in the world. 
I am an integral part of the vastness and holiness that is the universe. 
As it is above so it is below. 
As it is within so it is with out. 
My connection to all of the beauty of being present, leaves me feeling an inner safety in my inner sanctum. 
And compassionate inquiry is my ongoing healing. 

My dharma is my mission, my destiny is my fate when I’m aligned with the love of an intentional universe. 
And even when I am not, I am. 
Forgiveness and love rather than blame and victimhood, I will try to hold onto. 
Dharma cancels karma. 
In a moment of grace, all my karma is burned and my dharma reveals itself beautifully. 
Thank you Spirit for all that has gone before me and brought me to this moment. 
Long may I hold it firm in my heart. 
But should I lose it sometimes, I will bring myself back and be reminded of my compassionate inquiry that my connection to the space of my Being, my human body and the vastness of Universal Love, are as one. 
Thank you Spirit. 
Thank you Universe. 
Thank you Pam’s Soul. 


Yes You can…

Discover real and effective processes to reach, lift out, release and re-programme the trauma from the old painful, powerless beliefs and inner fractures, to shift them into whole, healed and empowered ones.

There is fear lurking, hidden and driving us to distraction.
To meet the fear head on will make it and you feel seen
And the compassionate seeing will exorcise the damn hold it has on you

The entire beauty of your perfect Being is already there, deep inside you, waiting for you to set it free.
Always has been. Always is. Always will be.
Are you ready?

You are needed now. 

If you want my help to dissolve away your abuse-trauma symptoms, restore your confidence and faith in life, become limitless in your approach to possibilities and discover how to magnetise supportive and loving future relationships, with yourself and with others, get in touch in Contact.

Let’s go digging and reveal your intrepid, courageous place…

From which your happiness and joy for life comes and where all things great are Realised, Radicalised and Revolutionised.
Much Love 

Welcome to Spiritual Life Coaching.

With Pam Wood (CMBC, ACBF, RHFP, Dip.ED, CertECBS)

What Does a Spiritual Life Coach Do?

A Spiritual Life Coach guides clients to finding their already existing, deeper meaning within themselves and to recognise their life attached to its soul purpose during their time here, on this planet earth, in this human form. Once free of constrictions and restrictions, they can move towards their deepest, innermost longings and visions and freedom of Being.

As a spiritual coach, I have arrived here after years of developing this work, processing through my own challenges and accessing my deeply, intuitive awareness, growth and freedom from self limitations. 
If this is your desire, I wish this for you too. Pam 🙏

I may use various healing tools to support my clients’ journeys and act as a guide or mentor for their process of awakening.

If you are interested to explore further the healing modalities I use, go to the top menu - ‘Therapies’ or to book an introductory session, please scroll further down the page to the Contact Form: ‘Coaching Opportunities’.

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People choose to work with spiritual coaches for many reasons, including to help them:

• Shift into a more positive mindset 
• Navigate difficult life challenges through mindful perception of them as evolving life lessons 
• Differentiate between ego and higher self and operate beautifully from both 
• Feel the powerful connection between spirit/mind/body & direct their own quantum healing 
• Evolve a vigorous, deeply-rooted spiritual sense of empowerment through recognition of true self, autonomy & self-determination 
• Understand their literal life direction, soul-plan, soul-quest & soul-purpose 
• Remove internal, mental constructs & ‘stories’ impeding happiness, 
• Go beyond past wounds, eclipse them, outshine them 
• Tune in. Turn on. Tap in to & reconnect to, their higher intuition 
• Realise & create what they really want in life from the heart and soul of their spiritual awareness & their spiritual journey

This work is holy and magical and truly liberating!

Thank you for visiting my website: I hope to see you on the other side. 
With Love & Light 
Pam ❣️

Sacred Dreams

"In a pandemic, self-isolation is called quarantine. In Buddhism, it is called retreat. From the cave of our home, like the meditators of ancient times, we can consciously kindle the lamp of compassion and connection.”

Be safe. Be wise. Be kind. Be love. ❣️ 9 October 2020

20 Minute Phone Session

If you would like to consider an introductory phone session,
I am offering these sessions free of charge at the moment as a way to contribute, to raise spirits and to be of help during this critical time.
Email me to book.
As we remember our wholeness and live as Love itself
WE each become the healing that this world needs right now
Together we can become a powerful agent for the change we wish to see.
With love. Pam

Hi there, I’m Pam Wood 

I’m a Life Coach working and living in the UK.

I’m a certified MIND BODY Coach (CMBC) gifted with Intuitive Clairsentience, (clear feeling) - in a metaphysical sense, I pick up on recurring physical and emotional feelings which repeatedly limit our paths in this lifetime. I help you notice and interpret them and provide quick and simple solutions to rewire and reboot: This is your transformation to a complete sense of who you truly are.

In the silence of your mind

We are connected to our ascension and growth but often we need reminding of what and who we are and to dispel the fear of past stories, imprints & limitations as we embark on the light journey we are on. Intuitive Clairsentience is known as clear feeling and signifies Divine guidance.

As a highly attuned Empathic, I have the ability to tune in, sense, and feel other people’s emotions and thought patterns. I can experience a range of emotions and know why they are there and how they affect your body physically but the difference is they are not my own feelings.

Pam Wood

As Your Coach & Therapist, I provide you with the best experience to regain your deepest sense of Self. I invite you to book an introductory, 20 minute phone consultation below. Get in touch after you've browsed the site and I will help match you with the right therapy for your specific issue. Let’s talk about you.

Please email me to book as I am offering these 20 minute sessions FREE during this stressful time

As your spiritual coach, I help guide your inner compass to reconnect you to who you truly are, to your innate sense of spiritual self, to the core soul of you.
From that connected place deep inside, all things are possible for you, from you and of you.
We work together to notice, to identify, to change, to re-direct with intention, to identify your life goals, to discover your deeper desires, to realise your dreams, bust limiting beliefs and habits, and remove the saboteur constantly erecting the blockade.

I carry within me the ability to intuitively understand problems and connect to the root cause on a deep level, physically and emotionally. Being able to feel another person’s pain is a form of compassion yet I am able to remain apart and objective energetically.

In recognising someone else’s emotions and relating them to particular ailments in the body, I am best placed to facilitate additional clearing techniques such as etheric cord cutting, to name but one, which are extremely powerful and immensely helpful for your healing.

And one other thing to know.
There's nothing wrong with you - at all!
Much love
Pam x

Taku iho

…And know, none of it is your fault It is your destiny…
Family dysfunction rolls down from generation to generation Like a fire in the woods Taking down everything in its path Until one person in one generation Has the courage to turn & face the flames...
That person brings peace to their ancestors Unconditional love to themselves And spares the children that follow
Kirimoana Te Heuheu

Book in Contacts

The Limelight

“Brain-Pattern Interrupts” used on a consistent and regular basis are key to eliminating old limiting thought patterns and emotional pain.

…and the first of 3 steps we’ll cover on our call together…

• Make sure to write down 3 of your main concerns for us to discuss and any questions you have around working with “Brain-Pattern Interrupt” before the call.
• How you do anything is how you do everything and if you’re serious about understanding, eliminating and changing, the deep effects your limiting belief patterns have on your behaviour and your life then think about what keeps happening in your life to give me a brief overview at the time of our call…
• A simple “Brain-Pattern Interrupt” that you can take away with you and do several times a day to begin the process for immediate results.
“Pam’s unique, intuitive ability of identifying the blocks that keep people stuck in emotional pain and skilfully removing & rewiring them allows for lasting change and a new reality for her clients…” 

Pisitive Minds Beaux Health & Wellbeing
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Please note:
Payments need to be made at least 48 hours in advance of the booking through bank transfer.
If the session is cancelled by you before 24 hours prior to the session, I will offer a full refund.
If cancellation is within 24 hours of the session, the payment will be retained by me to cover any booking that could have been made in its place.
If for any reason I have to cancel the session, I will offer to reschedule or offer a full refund.

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