In a short sharp, moment, it is possible to release the blocks behind your most pressing problems, as the peeling back of a couple of truth-layers that seem to keep holding you back, time and again and you need to get started on recognising their roots! 

Once you start the unveiling process you’ll feel your power coming back, start to enjoy your life and begin to really see that the world is full of possibilities rather than liabilities.

My insight is highly intuitive, deeply resonates and my ability to help you reconnect and release past limitations revealing your true self, is pretty spot on.

 Want to feel free, open, calm and relaxed instead of being stuck in a cycle of 

dissatisfaction, anxiety and fear? The good news is you can! How? You need to go in deep!

  • When you see the BS you were told as a kid as just that, a big, fat lie 
  • When you change how you communicate with yourself and that means diving deep, going undercover to discover what’s lurking in your emotional shadows
  • When you start paying attention to how you speak to yourself and the root judgments that are causing your negative self-talk
  • When you see how you’re perpetuating the thoughts, feelings, old limitations, habits & patterns you don't want through the very language you do use on yourself 


  • When through your commitment to yourself and your intention to deep dive, to reveal, review and reclaim yourself, you can start to enjoy your life - to really see that the world is full of possibilities rather than liabilities
  • When you let go of the negative self-talk and speak to yourself from a place of compassion, keep yourself vigilant, on your toes, being aware of any self-judgments and biases that arise, and replace them with truthful, helpful and kind language. 

IT'S LIKE DANCING IN THE SHADOWS and once in your dark place, it acts

as a catalyst to expose what lies behind the smoke screen you feel you’ve needed to set up, albeit unconsciously and is nearly ready to be healed and let go; you'll soon see how the rest of your world will begin to change too.

You'll look at the current battle between forces of good and bad in yourself, in your world...if you’re feeling out of sorts, it isn't that there’s more darkness than ever before, it’s because you’ve ascended to a level where you can now see it. NO hiding place for the dark. 

This is advancement, enlightenment, awareness, waking up, the whole 9 yards going on believe it or not, and it’s happening now, in you...hold tight!!


When you're ready to really go for it, to really reveal to yourself and your world, you'll begin your own deep dive and stand up for your Light. I offer you support on your journey to the centre of your soul and I assure you, you are not alone: Together we can start the change, in here and out there and everywhere. 

And we will…the Light is within us and the Light is with us always because you are the Light. 

“Dance like nobody is watching, 

Sing like no-one can hear you, 

Work like you don’t need money 

And live like its heaven on earth” Tiffany Crosara

This is between you and your soul This is soul mating!

See you on the inside!

Pam Wood - Intuitive Transformational Healing Coach