This is the year for you and for your happiness in 2018. This is an 11 year and in numerology that means as we near the half-year mark of 2018 in June, the heavens are swirling with opportunity and abundance and that the most pivotal moment of 2018 is coming up at the Solstice June 21st..

Are you ready? The 6/18, mysterious Neptune goes retrograde, just days before the 6/21 Solstice! This is a powerful time for you to take stock of all aspects of your life. If you're not feeling your absolute best or that you haven't achieved as much as you would've liked so far this year, don't sweat it. There are still 6 months left to take advantage of 2018's powerful 11 Universal Year energy (2+0+1+8=11)

This week, in preparation, I have a question for you: What does it take to make you happy? Is it more money, spare time, good friends, a better job? Through the years, I've confronted a common theme regarding happiness. In fact, I've come across it so often that I've named it the "I'll be happy when... " syndrome. It is a very common expression that we've all said. "I will be happy when I don't have to get up at 5:30 am to go to work." "I'll be happy when my husband/wife shows more respect for me." "I'll be happy when I get my new car." And it goes on and on about a state of mind that remains in the future rather than in the here and now.

Happiness isn't something dangling out there in the world of tomorrow or someday. It isn't a feeling to experience once something else happens. It is something to be felt right now, in this moment. Why we focus our anticipation on the future connecting our happiness to future events causing us to miss out on any immediate opportunities for joy and fulfilment is beyond me but we do it so much of the time.

Happiness is more powerful when experienced as an immediate emotion than seen as a carrot to be sought after, somewhere, somehow out there. Interestingly, many people find that when they place future conditions on happiness and even when those conditions are met, they don't feel the pleasure they had expected to.

We're motivated by pleasure; pleasing ourselves makes us happy but most often our choices are skewed and sometimes harmful. Learning to identify what gives us real pleasure and how to make those right choices to trigger our pleasure principle will create a life of happiness and a feeling of having it all.

The key is to learn how to let go of the unknown future and the unchangeable past and allow the goodness of the moment to fill you with a smile on your face right down to your toes. Easier said than done, believe me I know but remind yourself that the present moment is truly all we have, and when you find meaning and satisfaction in the present, in what you have now, in what you're doing now, in how you're being now, you'll get a great feeling which will show up in the things you do and especially important on your face (there's that silly grin again) and in your attitude; that if you do this thought-process on a regular basis i.e. get into the habit to think like that, it'll translate into your actions then the happiness quotient for your future will take care of itself.

Happiness means feeling pleasure about what you have right this minute. In any given moment and if we try hard enough, we can find good and positive things to be happy about. Maybe it is simply that the sun is out and shining warmly on our skin or we're enjoying a good glass of wine with a good friend and a good chat or we're having a right old giggle with a bunch of mates or maybe after a tough day at work, we know we've done our very best, or after a brilliant day at work we feel very pleased with ourselves at a job well done or we shared time with a child.

You see, it's just the human condition that we're plagued with negative thought-patterns instinctively and it's going to take a bit of an effort and a whole lot of focused intentions to grow different electro-magnetically charged brain synapses so that they become automatic and changed forever to give us a brighter outlook on life which gets us following through on creating the life we really want

I hope for you for the rest of this year, 2018, we start to acknowledge the many great things in our lives that make each moment a cause for smiles and happiness. I must warn you though that happiness can be contagious and you just might end up having a positive effect on those around you as well as yourself with your silly grin. So take the time to reflect on what's already in your life that you can be grateful for and you might find even more reasons today to be happy.

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