1. Read & take absolutely to heart Michael Leunig’s cartoon poem, ‘How To Get There’ 

2. Walk on a bed of hot stones to cleanse your soul, to reheat the soulful, lukewarm, shattered

parts of your heart, to toughen up the soles of your feet and to get to the other side in one piece, intact and with no bleeding blisters. You feel fearless, peerless and delirious; you are invincible. You are the undaunted, intrepid, valiant warrior. Nothing and no-one gets in your face ever again; you command the utmost respect - for yourself. You don’t have to do any one else’s ironing for the foreseeable future. You feel you can walk on water. You can’t. But that’s beside the point.


3. Hot air balloon your way to dumping your excess baggage. To raise your spirits higher, toss over the side in no particular order, those messy legacies of hate, judging others, judging yourself, bigotry, racial hatred, self-entitlement, bullying, prejudice, desperation-greed, low self-esteem, poverty-lack syndrome and all the other self-deprecating mean habits and demeaning stories you’ve adopted. Balloon dumping is a great way of smoothing out the hurts of years of living your life as a pretender, living someone else’s version of you and of soothing the wounded heart. They gotta go. They weigh a ton. They bring you down. Sling them over the side and be done.

4. Remote viewing. Send your mind on a busman’s holiday and let it roam free with no particular place to go. Watch it try to go headlong into negativity but you quietly and gently pull it back by the short and curlies and point it in the direction of the horizon, letting it disappear and dissolve into the emptiness it always was; nothing more sinister than a hazy, distant mirage. It will freak out at losing it’s tight grip of manic control over you but just breathe and let it pass. You’re in the zone and at one with zen! Stay put. The space inside your mind is your domain, it’s free and it’s your freedom.


5. Swimming without goggles allows you to see clearly. There’s untold treasure waiting for you in the depths as you deep dive. The fear of the deep is a fear of the unseen but far greater is the fear of fear itself. You can perfectly go diving for the gems that you’d long ago hidden and reap the surprising rewards of your own pearls of wisdom and masterpieces waiting to be revealed. You can become the most important person in your own life. Just jump off the deep end and make a splash happen. Rock the boat. It’s very oceanic.