“There is a place

Where I can go

When I feel low

When I feel blue…” 

The Beatles

In the refuge of your soul, inside your sacred space, the sweet scents, and stillness you create in your inner sanctuary, melt away the burdens imposed upon you by a sometimes hectic world or by your own stress, anxiety and fear. As you go in deep, you become connected to the silence.

Stay there in peace. With your breath take in all. Ask questions and gently await the inevitable answers that surely come on a whisper to stir the depths of who you really are. It’s the knowing yourself that you long for. 

The splendour and tranquility of what you have brought into being will entrance you, allowing you to forget the constraints of time and space.

No matter how large or small your sanctuary, the time you spend revelling in its pleasures will refresh your spirit and provide you with innumerable opportunities to celebrate life and expand into your own eminence.