Intuitive Transformational Life Coaching ITC

This deep level Coaching brings you a reminder of your soul's purpose for your life: And the time is now whenever you’re ready! 

Setting goals and direction for where you’re going in your life starts with identifying what you want your life to look like from the inside out. That’s the tricky bit!

We’ll discover how we’ve been searching for ways to break free of fear, fear of being unloved and fear of not feeling seen and there are no external ways to do that. 

We can only find that profound way of transformation within us to then create the life we love. The confidence to feel safe to be who we really are, really is an inside job.

The feeling when we make that connection is truly liberating - mind blown!

7 Deadly ‘Virtues’

Why deadly? Against the odds, deadly lies led to your character assassination and obtuse adversity in your having submitted to an unwelcome obligation of unavoidable circumstance of loss of self; you ended up with susceptible brain fog at the onset of your early years  and that had a deadly impact on you for the rest of your life. You can now derive benefit and advantage as your clear awareness seeps through the trance-like haze - a clarion call to honesty when you can recognise yourself in the mirror and realise there was never anything wrong with you at all - you’d just got lost in someone else’s version of you along the way.

The good news is you can get your happy back, your authentic self with Intuitive Transformational Life Coaching but you need to go in deep. Deep into your life:

  1. When you go deep into your past patterns and ways of thinking, deep into your ever-present behaviours borne out of those unconscious, limited thinking habits; deep into your powerful, intuitive consciousness to transform easily your best future life yet: You’ve undoubtedly got your eyes firmly shut.
  2. When you see the BS you were told as a kid as just that, a big, fat lie: You open one eye.
  3. When you change how you talk to yourself and that means diving deep, going undercover to discover what’s lurking in your emotional shadows: You start to wake up.
  4. When you start paying attention to how you speak to yourself and the root judgments that are causing your negative self-talk: You wake up.
  5. When you see how you’re perpetuating the thoughts, feelings, old limitations, habits & patterns you don’t want, through the very language you do use on yourself: You’re awake!
  6. When through your commitment to yourself and your intention to deep dive, to reveal, review and reclaim yourself, you can start to enjoy your life - to really see that your world is full of possibilities rather than liabilities:You’re lit up!
  7. When you let go of the negative self-talk and speak to yourself from a place of compassion and self-love instead of self-loathing; when you keep yourself vigilant, aware of any self-judgments that arise causing stress, anxiety, shame & self-loathing and replace them with the truth of you:You’re on fire!

“The greatest personal and spiritual challenges you face in your world today 

Need a shake up and set to rights…Are you the one for this inside job? You betcha.There is no one else…only you!”