With Valentine's Day around the corner, let’s talk about Love. But, in a different and radical way...

The Art of Self-Love is the very foundation of a happy and fulfilling life. So, never feel guilty about planning out some time just for you! Your relationships, home life and general wellbeing will be lifted and transformed by carving out a few hours each week to do the things you love by showing yourself some love. And be assured, others will benefit.

In my opinion, we habitually indulge in putting ourselves down way too much and suffer the consequences existing in often unconscious and unhappy lives. A day dedicated to love should always be celebrated. But it doesn’t have to be ball-breaking and it doesn't just have to be in a romantic sense. Whether you are showing love to your family, friends, yourself or your home this February 14th, celebrating love your way with the emphasis on finding out just what that means for you, is life changing. 

So, focusing your love on you and not only on others (when you have a dysfunctional agenda going on of what you can get in return) is going to be uplifting and inspiring. It’s imperative to heal the hurt feelings buried deep inside and that takes a willingness and intention to investigate and discover and well, just because Love is about loving you too.

Remove what you do not love 

Get rid of anything that annoys you. An old, repetitive thought that preys on your mind, weighs heavily on your spirit and no longer blows your dress up; a limiting belief about yourself that keeps you stuck in restrictive behaviour patterns, a self-sacrificing idea that keeps you always operating as and striving to be, the world’s best-in-show martyr, bad pillows -  whatever it is that plays on your mind, take action now and transform your life loving you.

Help yourself out lovingly here  

Take care of something in your daily routine or on your to-do list that triggers distaste, procrastination or discomfort. This is a particularly good idea when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Stress is a big, big pointer to knowing things are not ok with you on the inside and that you need to do some real introspection if you want to change things up for the better. And it’s a lovely way to show you some love. Then when you’re all loved up you can turn your laser love on those you love.

Create a relaxation zone 

Dedicate a sacred sanctuary, a space in your bedroom, living room, hallway to be used solely for relaxing. Even if it's a statement armchair with a side table where you can go to, to read, think or simply just be, this space will help create a feeling of zen in your home.Your love for you is your sanctuary. Your honour for you is your domain. Your respect for you is your sovereignty. 

Offer small gestures of kindness 

Extend the hand of loving kindness - try and incorporate small gestures of kindness into your day-to-day life; a smile to a stranger in the street, a cup of tea at the end of a hard day can go a long way, send a member of your family or a friend, a lovely text or email in the day to remind them you love them, bring home a beautiful bouquet of flowers or favourite beer to your partner, pop a funny, loving note into your kid’s lunchbox. Your options are endless and your offers of love to others will go a long way to feeling good about yourself and feeling the love. 

Go on a Rampage of Appreciation 

Take time to reflect about your life and go on a Rampage of Appreciation! Write down all the things you’re grateful for in your life and bless yourself for being so loved. Devote a few minutes each day to repeating the Hawaiian mantra practice of reconciliation and forgiveness, Hoʻoponopono: 

I Love You, I Am Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You.

♥️ Happy Valentine  

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