Transformational Tools For Epic Transformations!

“It’s my idea that if someone’s alive they should look alive!

It's actually quite simple.

When you have more available energy and resourcefulness, life happens for you…  

and then you happen for life.”Dr Donny Epstein: Epi Energetics

Have you ever wondered why, despite all your efforts, your emotional/physical problem(s) fail to heal? You think you have tackled the problem, but it never really goes away. These stubborn emotional conditions remain deep-rooted until you flush them out! 

Conditions such as: anxiety, depression, irrational fears, over-sensitivity, lack of confidence, fear of being alone, phobias, difficulty sleeping, grief that won't heal, jealousy, constantly comparing yourself to others, feelings of inadequacy, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), nervousness, mood swings, eating disorders and anxiety/stress, are all examples of emotional imbalances that require a much deeper method of healing.

They refuse to go away, because they have only been treated on a superficial level. Physical symptoms such as; menopause, asthma, skin complaints, heart conditions, fibromyalgia, back pain, muscular tension, headaches (migraine, sinus) fatigue the list is endless and all have their roots in your suppressed emotional wounds!

Transformational Healing Coaching works with these conditions in an IntuitiveTalk Therapy healing modality, directed at the heart& soul and targeting your own intuitive connection to your higher self. That’s where your magic is. Right there. 

Along with 3 other complementary healing, physical and spiritual practices; Access Consciousness (Running The Bars), Reconnective Healing and The Bowen Technique, altogether or individually, the results are very powerful indeed: Directed at the body, opening the mind& heart and rebalancing your soul. 

Emotional healing is the name of the ‘game’. and these are your transformational tools for epic transformations!

Transformational Healing Coaching is your awakening and awareness process, revealing the ‘dark night of the soul’, healing your wounds and mental reprogramming, restoring your body’s imbalance to optimal health.

You’ll break open to the possibilities, options and paths available to you like you’ve never seen them before, that you wouldn’t have thought were imaginable for your life. But with this work you’ll be more connected to your self and everything. You have an unlimited resource of energy and influence when you’re in alignment with who you truly are.

“You see, your children don’t have to come from you, Clare, they just have to come through you. Just make sure you notice the Collateral Beauty.”

So let’s go reclaim your soul and you let it come through you.    

You are more than you were told you are! 

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10 Rough Life Truths!

1. There’s much about life we can’t control.

Except how you respond; in your response is your greatest power.

2. Expectations often make us unhappy.

Happiness: Let go of assuming how your life’s supposed to be, sincerely appreciating it for everything it is.

3. We will always be incredibly imperfect.

Awaiting perfection before sharing you with the world? No one will ever hear from you.

4. A moment spent worrying is the moment wasted.

Outcomes never change. Do more, worry less, trains your mind to see the best in every situation making it better.

5. Mostly we don’t need more for happy - we need less.

Your life sucks? Begin subtracting. Life gets simpler when you clear addictive, monkey mind complications.

6. End pointless disagreements.

Select your battles. Peace is better than being right. Unnecessarily attending every argument you’re invited to?. Annihilation

7. Ourlessons come from the hardest days.

Stand strong. Experiencing lows in life as mastery you couldn’t have learned other ways, is a gift.

8. Our fancy gadgets often get in our way and dehumanise us.

Be more human. Do eye contact. Don’t hide behind stuff, it’s rude. Smile. Hear people’s stories. Drink Guinness. Love lots.

9. We don’t always get what we give.

You’ll be disappointed expecting people do for you as you do for them: Not everyone has the same heart as you. Just do you brilliantly.

10. Success easily gets to our heads and failure easily gets to our hearts.

Your character’s revealed at highs and lows: Be humble at mountaintops. Be steadfast in valleys. Be faithful in between.

Transformational Healing Coaching - is it for your next step of your journey back to you?

It’s an inside job! See you on the inside. Pam X