Healing An Ancient Wound - Bridging A Deep Divide

A Sleepwalker

“All we have to do is hang loose in the midst of the tightest conditions. We are just passing through the old world, hugging the borders. The other world we find ourselves in is so very internal and magic and deep. It is an inner world delight of belonging to the forgotten and hidden places. Yet we are not able to stay in this place either, for we have pledged to walk the edge and to reveal luminal possibilities. Our spirit is restless. We are dancing between the worlds. We are singing. We are becoming the magic to such an extent that even the old world takes on an extra dimension of the uncanny. When you are far enough inside, everything is inside, all worlds are real”. Lorna Bevan

A Poem for this time - To My Divine Masculine

Be together with your quiet one - your spirit is restless

She is your other half - she is your Divine Feminine

She is internal and magic and your inner world of belonging to the forgotten places

She is the one of you who actually thinks deeply

Revel in her silence, in her hidden depths

Encourage her free expression to Be herself with you

There is power and beauty in who she is

There is beauty and grace in who she is for you

There is strength as she holds you in her arms 

There is a lowering of your guard as you come to her

Embrace her All. She will take your hand, your brave heart & love you completely

It’s for this love that you have been her warrior

Let her love be enough for you - for it is everything

She is more than enough

She is your powerful ally on this your human journey

It is time now for you both to come together in perfect union

You are singing in balanced harmony of love and acceptance of each other

Together you are your powerful force for your spirit and for your good

Together you are dancing between worlds

Together you will come back to life renewed

Together you will take on the world

No matter where you go or how long you stay

You’ll always meet her when you get there

For you carry her heart in your heart - always

You have a beautiful reunion and are in lasting union

When you are far enough inside of her, everything is inside you both

And your world is real.

The Powerful Heart Reviver

This is a real moment on your path of cleansing old memories that are stuck in your heart chakra that you can bring up without 'danger' to your spirit and face your truth with loving awareness.

You are opening to your creatrix energy. She is full of love and divinely blessed and you're unleashing her, setting her free to project herself full throttle inside of you to join forces with your 'warrior king energy'. This is your true element - equally together.

The authentic masculine is wild, untamed and free.

The authentic feminine is creative, life-giving, radiant and incredibly powerful.

Understanding the power of both these energies that dwell in you equally and healing both their wounds of un-acceptance, rejection and separation is the intention for us all - now. it is an urgent, vital call home to be whole and integrated.

I give you myself. I give you my love. I gave you my strength. I give you my security. I give you solid commitment. 

Knowledge. Power. Understanding. Inner Peace. Love.

Divine Feminine - vulnerable, soft, soul.

Sacred Masculine - strength, warrior, spirit.

Your spiritual armour protects your soul with love - in synergy.

This is the love you’ve both been waiting for.

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