This is Transformational Healing Coaching at its best!

Hello, I’m Pam Wood(DipEd, CertECBS, ACBF, CMBC, RHFP).

Nice to meet you! 

I’m an accredited and experienced 

Intuitive Transformational Life Coach, 

Talk Therapist and Mind/Body Practitioner.


The greatest personal and spiritual challenges you face in your world today 

Need a shake up and set to rights…

Are you the one for this inside job? You betcha.

There is no one else…only you!

This is Radical Spiritual Transformation!

[Art: Hans Walor]


A sleepwalker

“All we have to do is hang loose in the midst of the tightest conditions. We are just passing through the old world, hugging the borders. The other world we find ourselves in is so very internal and magic and deep. It is an inner world delight of belonging to the forgotten and hidden places. Yet we are not able to stay in this place either, for we have pledged to walk the edge and to reveal luminal possibilities. Our spirit is restless. We are dancing between the worlds. We are singing. We are becoming the magic to such an extent that even the old world takes on an extra dimension of the uncanny. When you are far enough inside, everything is inside, all worlds are real” Lorna Bevan

This is no Gentle Metamorphosis!

In my Transformational Healing Coaching, I offer you guidance. I invite you to walk with yourself. I hold your hand whilst you take your first steps and I have your back ’til you have your own. But,there’s no half measures. It’s all the way or no way. You’re either in the zone or you’re not. Stir it up. Turn it upside down. Alter it dramatically if you want the far-reaching changes you’ve been going on about for what seems forever! There’s a cutting-edge mind-set you need to apply if you want that spiritual upgrade. 

Actually, this is a heads-up to transform and awaken your awareness because the spiritual enlightenment age is upon us from the 3D to 5D and is happening anyway so you might as well get your roar on and strike your warrior pose to transmogrify, reshape, recast and activate your spiritual mojo. This stuff is epic and not for wimps! And yes, you’ve got this.

This is the Stuff of Awakening the Giant Within!

You have the power! This activation that’s occurring in the planetary, cosmic alignments right now, will help you to begin your own inner alignment - It’s a powerhouse and it's wise to "reap" the benefit of this powerful energy whilst it’s going down.

When you pin ‘your courage to the sticking post’ and examine your darkest fears, when you’re able to hold them up to the light and reveal and scrutinise them for being the bête noire in the closet, when you clearly see they’ve been holding you back from belief in your self and that those debilitating beliefs have prevented you from living your good stuff and from holding your absolute truth in high regard, then my friend, you can step forward, go fast and reclaim your power from within you, finally. This is a very good thing.

Your Bodhisattva and My Spiritual Healing Course

You need a balm over your senses, over your sensibilities over your discernment as you go into ‘battle’. You need to be on point; you need to know your purpose and your strategy and you need to recognise your significance if you are to take back your essence. The two need to be in synergy; you need to bring the intention of your wild spirit to bring about your enlightenment, your love and your compassion, my Spiritual Healing Course will bring you guidance, recognition, perception, consciousness and importance into the presence of your most holy you and the autonomy you crave.

They are willing bedfellows and need to cooperate, 50/50 on this radical departure from the norm and that’s exactly what’s needed to stir things up now. For far too long you’ve been living a defensive, protective and neurotic, self-justifying, egoic life. This your ‘Bodhi’ time bringing to the forefront of your mind, heart and soul, your insight, wisdom, understanding, enlightenment and inner knowing of who you really are from your spiritual and soul perspective and living from that place of knowing, full on. No more excuses.

It is about your love for you. It is about your acceptance of you. And it is the thrust of your essence awakening, your acknowledgement, sagacity and perception of totally being your Being and giving you fully your most valued advantage - your beautiful life according to you. 

Your Higher Self is Your Intuitive Spiritual Knowing Self!

In my Transformational Healing Coaching, you will get to your inner truth, the truth of who you really are and it will transform your life! Through the realisation that for the longest time you’ve been living your life through the beliefs of others, that you’ve been living from knee-jerk reactions to outside influences and that you haven’t really known yourself at all, will be such a revelation and freedom that your trajectory to happiness will be off the charts! This is a Spiritual Healing Course like no other: It’s a 3-part online modality that allows you to go at your own pace but it takes you deftly and easily on a journey of discovery and enlightenment that has those a-ha after a-ha moments that just light you up, turn you around 360 degrees and anchor you in what it is to be really you. 

But and it’s a big but, you need to be committed. You need to bring your warrior attitude to the table for without it you won’t get past the first false truth of you: You’ll block any idea that you’re not in control! So, you need to accept that you’re going to bring up, look at closely, feel all the shit feelings you’re used to so cleverly hiding and be open here to embrace them for having brought you to this salient point on your journey, thank them for their protection and heal them and let them go. 

This will be a pivotal moment; your Bodhi moment if you like. You will have your sword of truth held high, you’ll be able to cut through the crap of all your old stuff as it insists it is right, persistently making you a willing victim. It is not right and it’s losing its grip, it’s losing its hold over you and it’s in its death throes and kicking up a stink. You must be prepared to take no prisoners. You must be ruthless. You’re aiming for victory here - no more the victim. 

And I will have your back every step of the way until you’re ready to believe in your higher self, your own intuition, your own spirituality, your own freedom to be you and believe me, at that point of contact with your true self, you will be ready to stand firmly in the truth of you, centred and strong and certainly free. You’ll be the leader of the pack, the champion of one, you need no other.  

See you on the inside! Love & Blessings - Pam❣️

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“You don't possess life. 

Life breathes its way through you. 

Allow it.”

Ang Stoic