Image: Guiseppe Gradella

Its a powerful time to be positively real right now, more than ever, for collectively the shared experience brings us together, expanding our hearts with more compassion and care for those who are suffering.
There is truly a massive shift in consciousness occurring.

These are the days of our lives.
Saddle up!

Saturday 11th April 2020

Do you think its safer to underestimate yourself than to face up to your own worth?
Thats made you think. Made you consider a part of yourself youve ignored or submerged most of your life.
In every case - people with health issues - their emotions, their stress, their anxiety - that is always what leads to dis-ease and disease.

So, if you want to get sick, if you want to attract the virus, watch the news, get depressed, focus on the negative, constantly check the numbers to see how many people are dead and dying. Keep playing in to that negative narrative and you make your body a negative energy, which makes you more vulnerable and creates disease.

Your body gets overwhelmed and weary and tired out from its own perfect status being in deficit, being drained of its natural resources within itself, its own status quo which is already pure potential existing in your perfect health being and its constantly rocked off balance by your fearful thoughts, worries and anxieties. It relies on your emotional intelligence to be sending the positive fuel/thoughts it needs to thrive.

Its more important than ever that you invest your heart into the positive knowledge of who you are and what your heart is clear about; your body will release a thankful sigh of relief and release.

We have to be extra vigilant today, the media is constantly driving forcefully so much negativity into our society, we have to be very careful about letting that stuff in. Negative fear-mongering is not helpful yet conversely the bombardment is contributing to our human revolution, a re-evolution.

Recognise that part of whats going on underneath is past lives are being triggered.
We as a species have not been awake to our karmic memories until after the Mayan shift in 2012. So we
ve reached a point energetically that were not only being pushed to reinvent how we do things; how we do healthcare, how we do government, how we do taxes but also, this stuff happening serves as a trigger to release our own personal stuff. And thats whats really been going on through the whole pandemic thus far.

The mandate here is - do you have faith in yourself and how do you view the state of the world? The way we view our own karma needs to be rewritten as were coming into a new karmic era and were going to see the world in a new way - healing and facing our fears.

Namely, are you going to be there for yourself in a compassionate way - will this kill you, will this destroy you or will it harm you and learning how to respond to ourselves in a non-hysterical way, a way that allows us to not be spooked by this, this or this, ever again.
Saying, Oh Im going to wear a mask so I dont get corona virusyou just invited that energy of fear into your field.

The question for humanity now is are we ready to face whatever this is we have to face? Up until now, weve all been buried in our own stuff and been isolated from our higher selves in our busy, distracted minds, so in a spiritual way its a blessing - I see this as godswork and really working good. The collective conscious of we the peoplewill be ready to stand tall and move forward when they are ready to
stop being paralysed by their own fear.

We subscribe to the belief in the Law of Exception; that theres a rule of nature for everything else and we arent part of nature therefore we think were an exception.
Weve got sucked in to the belief that theres an off planet God who operates by our court system. We are in need of renovating a rotten wiring system here and were on an extraordinary journey to do that! And in this we dont have a choice.

Everybody, and I mean everybody is on an evolutionary path. Weve entered into an age of the experiential nature of the Divine, to the awakening of the mystic inside, to your spiritual intelligence, your cosmic spirit. Our survival is dependent on this. We are looking for a way of working with sacred, working with holiness that is no longer in the traditional form.

We want to access a mystical life. We want a mystical sacredness without the superstition, without all the la-la-la yet gives us the rich, deep guidance that allows us to go very deeply within ourselves but bypassing all the superstitious ritual nonsense that we dont need anymore. And our healing is part of our returning to our nature. It is in our nature to be able to heal. Our hero’s journey.

We have forgotten that we are this impeccable, creator Being, that we created our own universe, we created the game. We are also the player controlling the game and at the same time, we are the character playing out the moves in the game.

In the forgetting, we get so caught up playing in the game that we forget to switch it up, to pause, to breathe, to take a step away and observe how and where were going; in reaction, we lose the advantage and resort to fear-based victim mentality in fight and flight at every turn.

So, its time to remember we are everything; the angels, the guides, the shaman, the god, the universe, the spirit animals, the animal totem: We are all these things in this one body. Take up your baton again. You are the remote controller. You are the magician. You always had a wand. You always had these abilities to wield your powers to make the life of your making and of your liking.

So its time to really get that rather than giving your power away to the external world in this collective agreement. Get that youre going to create your own castle on this earth because you can. And as you have choice and free will why not do that instead of doing miserable.

“Breaking down is an option - but so is breaking through.”
Caroline Myss

Art: LTG Artes aka Ana Novae
Art: LTG Artes aka Ana Novae

How could we tackle a breakthrough in attitude becoming solid, a solidarity movement for major change, combining the power of the soul with the power of an idea, to become insolvent of the old paradigm and idea that we were sold a pack of lies?

Be your own explorer of the truth. Be your own discernment whistleblower. Be your own spiritual geiger counter.

Welcome to these days of our lives in 2020. You get to meet you, really and birth a new world.
Breathe in the winds of change. 2020 is the year of spiritual & physical transformation.

As we move into “observer consciousness,”we have within our grasp an astonishing abundance of Universal infusion of photon Light that our human biology can now metabolise. You may have noticed how everything is accelerating, time is speeding up and warping due to increasing Ascension waves. Incoming consciousness has been streaming in from higher dimensions/realms as we encounter the nuances of our Soul’s essence and purpose. This information will continue to inspire new ideas and focus, pointing us in new directions in life and meaningful pursuits.

“In my dream the angel shrugged and said, if we fail this time, it will be a failure of imagination. And then she placed the world gently in the palm of my hand.”
Brian Andreas

“No other love, no matter how genuine it is, can fulfil one’s heart better than unconditional self-love.”
Edmond Mbiaka

“Within my body are all the sacred places of the world, and the most profound pilgrimage I can ever make is within my own body, within my own heart.”

There is a Buddhist saying I use when feeling lost:

“In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go.”

Thank yourself for your beautiful soul.
Fly high on the wings of love for yourself, your fellow ‘man’, all sentient beings and this beautiful earth we walk upon.
Here’s to your next journey, on the planet or in spirit; it promises to be a truly spiritual ride.

“We all wear two faces
What counts is what they mask”
Batman vol 1 #528

Lovingly and in Lady Macbeth’s words:
‘Screw your courage to the sticking post and we’ll not fail.’
❣ 🙏