In the ‘Healing The Child Within’ coaching sessions, we will be working on all the obstacles between you and self-love.

As children, it is not uncommon for us to have an inability to distinguish dysfunctional family dynamics from love. As we mature, these learned patterns can cause us to ignore, numb, silence or mistreat our bodies in a mistaken attempt for feeling loved and many of us react by pushing the wounds down with numbing substances like food, alcohol, drugs, internet, Facebook, TV, and a long list of other distractions.

Unhealed issues get stored in the body, until we release them. The body obliges as a storehouse for emotional wounds but it does take its toll, especially if issues are accumulated for long periods of time.

Storing wounds in the body eventually weakens the body and invites illness and disease, as well as causing depression, fatigue, stress and weight gain.
The good news is that the body is ready to release issues, the moment you are.

Traumatic memory can haunt not only the mind, but also the nervous system.
And when traumatic memories are embedded in the nervous system, it can leave you feeling hyper-vigilant, dissociative, or numb for years to come.

Unfortunately, when an issue is re-activated in adult life unconsciously, instead of using it as a healing opportunity, we abandon ourselves time and again until we’ve had enough of our re-traumatising behaviour patterns; then we are ready for the healing, the accepting, the releasing and the real loving to begin.

These guided visualisation/meditation sessions aim to highlight your patterns by bringing them into your awareness without feeling you have to relive the perceived, childish pain you’ve carried around with you for your entire life it seems and the deep healing experienced is like a transformational breath of fresh air, a spiritual burden lifted and as you open, your soul’s freedom emerges - it’s yours for the taking.
It’s always been - you just don’t know it yet!

By understanding and addressing any remnants of trauma, mistaken patterns of love, stories, hidden beliefs and any other energetic disturbances that have you continually compelled to re-traumatise yourself every day, you will be able to remove any habits and blocks that may stand between you and your ability to love yourself for you.
Love is the way.