My work as a Revolutionary Change-Therapy Coach informs and guides you through issues related to your emotional/physical health, your own essential relationship with yourself and how that then informs and impacts your relationships with others, your finances, habits, wounds; in fact, any one thing in your world that makes you feel unhappy, unloved or unseen and will be intuitively connected to a myriad of belief systems and patterns that go to make up your world!
There's a whole other you just waiting to get out and break free! And I will have your back every step of the way until you’re ready to believe in your higher self, your own intuition, your own spirituality, your own freedom to be you and believe me, at that point of contact with your true self, you will be ready to stand firmly in the truth of you, centred and strong and certainly free.
You’ll be the leader of the pack, the champion of one, you need no other.
This will be a pivotal moment; your Bodhi moment if you like. You will have your sword of truth held high, you
ll be able to cut through the crap of all your old stuff as it insists it is right, persistently making you a willing victim. It is not right and its losing its grip, its losing its hold over you and its in its death throes and kicking up a stink in the process.
You must be prepared to take no prisoners. You must be ruthless. You
re aiming for victory here - no more the victim. Let's discover that real you together.
Bring your questioning mind and your open heart as we explore, uncover and discover: Who am I Being? And why is that?

“Our worth and our belonging are not negotiated with other people. We carry those inside our hearts”