art: L.T.G Artes (aka Ana Novaes)

Spiritually Healing your deeply-rooted, limiting beliefs, emotional wounds and habitual patterns with BRAIN PATTERN INTERRUPTING changes the way you’re wired. Not only is it plausible but it is elegantly and simply possible affecting the change you want to Be, connecting you with your Higher Self, Soul, Spirit, Source, Universal Law, the Energetic, the Sacred and Holy Wisdom already within you so you can tune in more powerfully and turn on your magic.

You may be troubled, puzzled and asking yourself why your emotional wounds aren’t healing? You think you’ve been working on them for what seems to be for ever but when you least expect, one of the older scars seems to rear its ‘ugly’ head, return with a vengeance and knock you for six?
It’s like you’re being tested on your resilience; that the work you say you’ve done is done. Is it ever done, you may well ask? The emotional problems never really seem to go away;
they really seem to remain deep-rooted, hiding out, dragging you further down your particular rabbit hole until a tricky scenario warrants the old-style guard to come out and deal the old losers hand. There is a way to rewire/reboot the neurons in the brain and STC will show the way.
Conditions are ten-fold and the range is mindboggling:

Anxiety, depression, irrational fears, over-sensitivity, lack of confidence, fear of being alone, fear of being in a large group of people, phobias, difficulty sleeping, grief that won’t heal, jealousy, constantly comparing yourself to others, inadequacy, OCD - obsessive compulsive disorder, nervousness, mood swings, eating disorders and stress.
And that's just the emotional stuff! Don't get me started how our negative thoughts play an important, often devastating role in many of our illnesses and physical problems.
And ignore them at your peril for they come back in one form or another to haunt us.
You may be on your very last nerve! Good. You need to be! You need to be really fed up of it all and of being on the interminable not-so-merry-go-round that you're wondering for the life of you
when the hell will it stop? Well, it won’t!
Being intellectually savvy about your demonic-behaviour, your shadow sides, your limiting beliefs, your old patterns of thinking, wont reach the parts your soul-healing requires. Superficially, youve done great. But really, madly, truly, deeply? Nah! Youre only touching the surface and not down and 'dirty' where the gold lies, at the deeply-held subconscious beliefs lodged in the brain - that keep wiring and firing at the neural level the same old same old in every moment. The rewiring of those neurons is simple to do and is where the goose lays its golden egg, as it were. This is the work we do in STC.

“You don't possess life. Life breathes its way through you. Allow it.” Ang Stoic