The World Is Your Oyster

These days,you can widen your horizons to reach so much more knowledge, information and for the purposes of this blog, reach so many more people and places outside of your immediate vicinity. That clichéd phrase, ‘the world is your oyster’ comes to mind as ringing true more than ever. The global reach of your world goes beyond your limited, internal habitat; the same is true of your intuitive talk therapy online sessions and of course there’s double-entendre in those words! 

Step Inside love…

Just because you’re having an intimate, personal and deep-dive talk with your therapist, it’s no longer required that you both be in the same room to conduct the session. Skype, Face Time et al., means that your both having to occupy the same location is redundant and there’s a certain amount of freedom and possibility in that whole gig because it means you can cast your net farther and wider than ever before to find the right fit for your personal development guidance and goal-setting mentor/coach for help with life’s trials and tribulations. You can anyway on the energetic frequency highway that's inherent in all of us and that’s the point here. How cool is that?

So, what is Intuitive Talk Therapy Online?

It’s firing up your computer from the comfort of your home, connecting with your intuitive talk therapy coach and away we go! Intuitive talk therapy online is very firmly focused on connecting you with your own highly evolved intuitive processes over the airwaves, with your higher self, with your soul, your spirit, your connection to the All That Is, to source, specifically on stuff related to your ego survival physical or about your soul survival emotional/psychological.

The physical survival stage of life poses questions:

•  About jobs 

• About relationships 

• About life directions

The emotional/psychological and spiritual grandstands play out in questions that speak of personal problems, such as:

• Healing 

• Emotional Emergency 

• Forgiveness 

• A craving for revenge

• Sadness

• Isolation

• Rejection 

• The search for reason and purpose.

When you come to the realisation that there’s an inevitable regression in childhood trauma, wounds and patterns that are deadlocked in your internal, energetic being and that they can have a profound, dysfunctional influence on your mindset & behaviour in your adult life if left unobserved, there's an intuitive knowing and recognition kicks in that in not having the tools to heal yourself and your raw wounds, you've abandoned and lost the very sense & sensibility of you. You didn’t know where to look for them anyway! 

This is the Winter of Our Discontent

Our brains are complicated organs and we’ve built up years of negative mind chatter and preconceptions of life that do not serve us positively. So with that very real, energetic signature from our past dumped, ditched, drowned-out, healed, reintegrated and left well behind us, we no longer need to resort to sex drugs and rock and roll to fill the empty emotional hole and the quiet discontent that was gnawing away at our insides. 

There’s tangible, obvious, debilitating echos with far-reaching effects and damaging residue affecting us throughout our adult life, that requires the truth of unfolding and should be enough of a wake-up call to get your butt moving. This is the moving of which we speak. And this is where it’s done & dusted!

But, this is not about reliving those incidents and as a consequence, revisiting the panic and fear. You cannot change the past, it’s gone, those things happened but you can heal from a ‘distance’ as your own observer, on your own timeline, with an experienced therapist’s guidance leading you back to you and your own intuitive capacity which is accessible when you know how.

Self Love v Seeking Love

And this is a biggy at the heart of the matter. But this is not about reliving those past incidents and as a consequence, revisiting the panic and fear. You cannot change the past, it’s gone. Those things happened but you can now heal your inner child feeling unloveable and inadequate and just plain wrong in your own skin from a ‘distance’ as your own observer, on your own timeline, with an experienced therapist’s guidance leading you back to you and your own intuitive capacity for self love which is totally accessible when you know how. 

You will expand your heart to your own love and not remain codependent on looking for unrequited love from others. At that point, the love you share is equal to the love you swear you will give to you, as opposed to attracting others who pretend to love you but not really, just as you’re pretending to love you but not really. This is a great assignment from the universe should you wish to accept it! The universe, your higher self, your intuitive process has your back; you have all the tools you need to love all of you, fall in love with you, write a love letter to you and seal it with a kiss.    💥💋❣️

It’s time my friends to finally let go of your ‘emotional cripple’ status, to step out of your dysfunctional, comfort zone; it’s time to evict yourself from the old outworn, unhealthy, limiting patterns you’ve been dragging around behind you and feel the love of and for you. What has to change are your feelings about your personal dreams, drop the old stuff around thinking it’d be silly to go after your personal dreams, it’d be silly to be a rock star, it’d be silly to…and those things you’ve convinced yourself you are not that came from childhood and that were emotionally imprinted in you giving you a mistaken prejudice that life wasn’t going to work out for you versus working out brilliantly for other people, a prejudice about whether or not what you wanted was worth going for. Change that emotional prejudice mindset now. Until you do, you won’t find your true path for your legacy. Expand your mind. Expand your heart. Expand your love to you.

Reaching out across the world…

This is what I do. This is what I offer. And Intuitive Talk Therapy Online, means the techy accessibility makes it a perfect vehicle for clients to be able to reach their preferred therapist miles away from where they live, to do this important healing work in spite of that geographical distance. 

This Intuitive Talk Therapy Online work is valuable to all people, in all walks of life, in any location, on this planet. I often ‘joke’ and say, ‘no one gets out alive’ by which I mean, no one, no matter who you are, no matter your upbringing, is immune to childhood wounded-ness. There’s no blame here. It’s not about that. We will all have experienced personal wounds, fears and panic which affect our life today. It’s crucial you go back and heal that inner child energy to be free of the limitations you place on yourself as you cruise around with your child brain intact and firmly planted on top of your adult body.

The good news is you can! How? You need to go in deep!

• When you see the BS you were told as a kid as just that, a big, fat lie

• When you change how you communicate with yourself and that means diving deep, going undercover to discover what’s lurking in your emotional shadows

• When you start paying attention to how you speak to yourself and the root judgments that are causing your negative self-talk

• When you see how you’re perpetuating the thoughts, feelings, old limitations, habits & patterns you don't want through the very language you do use on yourself 

• When through your commitment to yourself and your intention to deep dive, to reveal, review and reclaim yourself, you can start to enjoy your life - to really see that the world is full of possibilities rather than liabilities

• When you let go of the negative self-talk and speak to yourself from a place of compassion, keep yourself vigilant, on your toes, being aware of any self-judgments and biases that arise, and replace them with truthful, helpful and kind language.

It's An Inside Job!

We all have an internal perception of who we are. This self-image is encrypted with negative emotions and energy stuck in childhood beliefs that we unknowingly project into the world. Since energy and vibration resonate, this limiting, self-image we carry, attracts certain experiences and people into our lives, ultimately setting the tone for how we experience life. Many of us are not satisfied or pleased with our selves nor the life we create as a result because in most cases that self was not formed intentionally. Instead, it was shaped by situations we experienced and people we encountered at a young, impressionable age. 

Fortunately, the inner child energy is profoundly moving and powerful to effect the inner change necessary to affect our outer world in gloriously resonating ways! Once we become aware of who we really are, we can shift, transform, and essentially live life authentically. This transition brings us more into alignment with our true spirit, liberating us from the ego and freeing us to be who we really are. This change occurs at a very deep, core level. Reclaiming your self transforms your life.

Call to Arms! 

To book an in person, 121 appointment with me, an in-depth Intuitive Talk Therapy Online session, or for more information on how to begin or to continue your own deep dive and stand up for your Light, see contact details below. 

I offer welcome support that assures you, you are not alone: Together we can start the change, in here and out there and in the world.

And we will…the Light is within you and the Light is with you always because you are the Light. See you on the inside!

This is between you and your soul 

This is soul mating!