You know when you know you just know, without needing to know how you know?

Well, that’s you tapping into your intuitive process, the Source, your Higher Self, the All That Is. And how often we do forget that not only are we human entities in a physical body but that we are also connected through our soul to a power that is awe-inspiring, infinite. 

We are the All That Is and we can tap into it at any time through the breath and going within. There is much revelation and peace in there. So within, so without.

Once you experience the connection with your spirit, you connect with Spirit. It’s very holy! Your being feels euphoric, energised, tapped in, powerful, invincible, ecstatic, kind, compassionate etc., etc.

And if all that sounds happy-clappy to you from where you’re sitting in a mundane existence right now, believe me about this even if you believe nothing else I’m banging on about, I have been there, dragging my feet as a non-believer through the drudgery and selective slavery that was my unconscious life. 

You only wake up though when you get it. When you’re ready to wake up. When you’re ready to see. 

So, I had, for many of my young years, lived my life through the eyes of a cabbage patch doll: You know, the poppet that sits vacantly waiting for things to happen to her, so fearful was she of her own shadow and conversely, her own innate power. Gradually, I started to wake up and my focus got sharper and my inner being got stronger and my intuitive knowing and spiritual connection started to palpate, pulsate and come alive. It was always there; I just didn’t know it yet - until I did.

The point is that mine just happened as the result of a traumatic break-up but anything can trigger keeping your spirit alive. 

And, something to think about - you co-created, in spirit, your life path before coming in, the life experiences you needed to connect on a deeper level than the 3D (3rd Dimensional plane) level we’ve been on but are just shifting out of right now into 5D! The timing of your ascension is pre-ordained. It’s a blessing to be alive on the planet, at this time, right now and your special gifts are needed to help raise the awareness of the collective. Rouse yourself from your sleeping beauty inhibitions. You chose to come here at this time, it's a privilege and gift. Celebrate it all.

You are more than you think you are - you are out of this world!